Your Shears provides premium hair cutting shears as well as exceptional shear sharpening and education for professional stylists, salons, and studios from St. Paul to Green Bay.


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Professional stylists and their shears represent the quality of craftsmanship they bring to their clients. That's why we developed a complete care system for Your Shears.


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Shears Without Substitute

Elevate your chair by shopping our mid to high-end professional shears which we curate based on real-world uses.

*Learn more about our Free Education Courses.

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Pro-level Sharpening

There is nothing like a set of professionally sharpened shears. We serve our stylists with on-site and mail-in sharpening service.

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Shear Education

Shears are more than scissors and we provide an online knowledge base as well as free education courses you can request at your salon or studio.

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Expertly Trained

We have undergone extensive training on each shear we sell as well as proper techniques in sharpening. Plus, we took college-level hairstylist courses to better understand our clients' needs.

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Steve Swope
Owner | Your Shears
New Client: Simone's Styles in Menomonie

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Anna Scott
Instructor | Your Shears
3 Tips on Using Thinning Shears

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